No free speech on the Metro

A couple of years ago it was discovered that the Office of National Drug Control Policy was secretly paying television producers to insert anti-drug messages into shows like ER, Chicago Hope and Bevery Hills 90210.

MJNow we learn that not only do the Feds want to put people in jail for using marijuana, they also want to stop people from talking about reforming the marijuana laws.

Change the Climate, a group advocating reform, wants to place the ad at right on the Washington Metro. The Metro accepts all kinds of political ads but if it accepts any ad arguing against drug prohibition it, or any other transit authority, will lose all of its Federal funds.

In one way or another, the Federal government has its hand in everything, including the schools, the universities, and the airwaves. If the government can withdraw its funds from anything associated with arguments it doesn’t like then free speech will be very expensive.


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