The future of classical music?

Via ArtsJournal, a good piece by Marc Shulgold on classical downloading. Shulgold writes: "Naturally, we’re not talking huge volume here: According to [Naxos’s Mark] Berry, classical downloads account for only about 6 percent of the total of all music downloaded on the Internet." But note: classical music has had 3 percent of the CD market in recent years. So it’s twice as popular on the Internet, and growing. The death of the death of classical music continues. By the way, Naxos’s $19.95 offer – which gives you Internet access to their entire catalogue for a year – is quite a deal.

Here is the link, from my favorite music blog, (here is his Rameau review). The obvious prediction, of course, is that classical composers will start writing — will have to start writing — more very short pieces. 

But what price will markets sustain?  Classical music performances are, to most listeners, interchangeable.  When will they offer the Beethoven symphonies again for free?  Music companies were not happy.


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