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Menger’s classic essay on the origin of money, circa 1892, is now on-line, thanks to the Mises Blog.  Along related lines, here is an essay on whether Cantonese is losing out to Mandarin.

1 Barkley Rosser January 11, 2006 at 8:27 pm

Well, it should be kept clear that the piece on Mandarin and Cantonese
is only relevant to the Chinatowns of the US. Cantonese is definitely
holding on in southern China and even in Hong Kong, despite immigration
from the north since the takeover by the PRC there. I know Mandarin-
speaking professors from Taiwan who use English when visiting Hong
Kong because the only choices are Cantonese or English.

I do not know why, but historically emigration from China was from
the South, the area of Cantonese speaking. This applied to the
emigre communities throughout Asia as well as in Europe and other
places, including the Chinatowns of the US. Since the Dengist
reforms, incomes have surged more in the South than in the North.
Hence, there is less motivation for people from that part of
China to leave. OTOH, people have now been allowed to leave
from the North, so many are. I think this latter issue is the
explanation for the phenomenon observed in the article, which
clearly reflects the pattern of immigration from China, which
has shifted from being mostly southerners to mostly northerners.

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