****ing libertarians. I swear to God, you guys act the same every
single time. EVERY time I post something about a societal trade off,
you instantly, passionately and irrevocably identify yourself with one
and only one side. Why? WHY? WHY do you do that? I thought this one
might be harder for you. I mean, two picturesque resource extractors. I
thought the salmon fishers might get some love from you. Two years
they lost their entire livelihood and way of life! But no. Instead you
write with a fanatic dedication to the potential costs to the farmers!
Why?! What did you choose on? Seriously, it was "rippling back muscles
of the fisher as he winches his nets out of the sea, man on his boat
against the elements" versus "his thigh muscles flexing, the grower
squats to take a handful of soil, surveying the new growth on his
alfalfa before whistling for his dog". How the hell did you choose?

That is from Megan Very-Non-McArdle, and there are some related posts at the blog; commentary is here.  The asterisks are from me.

These days, if a TV show is going to draw me in as a viewer, it has to be really, really good.


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