How well do they feed the Marines?

I do not know.  Or how about the Army, Navy, or Air Force?

But my suspicion is this: if you are in the Armed Services, you have the chance to eat better than the average American.  Not at gourmet levels, but better than the median.  Better taste and better nutrition.  The median person in the United States eats some pretty bad food.

And how much does this food cost our government and thus our taxpayers?  Again, I am curious to hear what you know.  But I’ve read lots of stories about thousand dollar hammers and toilet seats, but I have never heard a peep about the Pentagon paying $70 for a Brussels Sprout. 

So, I’ll also predict that this food comes at reasonable cost.  We therefore seem to have above-average food service at OK prices.   

Given that possibility (fact?), how many of you would advocate government provision of food for the entire economy?  How many of you would advocate government-run food finance for everyone, and not just for the poor?

Show of hands? 

How many of you know what I am really talking about in this post?

Don’t forget this post either.

Addendum: The successes of the VA system stem most of all from avoiding the cost-escalating features of "fee-for-service" for medical suppliers, and not from its single-payer features.  Not so many people are willing to advocate abolishing fee-for-service for most of the medical sector; here is further discussion.  But unless you abolish fee-for-service, the successes of the VA system are not a replicable model on a larger scale.  And it is much easier to workably abolish fee-for-service within the Armed Services than across the entire U.S. medical sector.


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