Our House of Representatives

Henry Blodgett writes:

If the "TARP bonus" bill the House passed today becomes law, any of
the hundreds of thousands of people who work for Citigroup, Bank of
America, AIG, and nine other major US corporations will have to fork
over 90 cents of every dollar they make that puts their household
income over $250,000.

That's household income, not individual income.*  If you're
married and filing singly, you'll have to surrender anything over
$125,000.  Indefinitely.

Read the whole thing.  There is this too:

The really distressing part is what this tax will do to the corporations that we now own and are supposedly trying to save.

(Remember?  That's the reason we bailed Citigroup, AIG, GM, and the
rest of them out–to save them.  Because we convinced ourselves that
civilization would end if we didn't.)

Thanks to our stupidity
bailouts, we now own major stakes in these firms (at mind-boggling
expense). So it's not clear why we want to destroy them.  But that's
what we seem determined to do.

Addendum: Here is one of many stories about death threats against A.I.G. employees.


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