My Bloggingheads with Robert Wright on *The Evolution of God*

It is on theology and religion and you will find it here.  They list some of the specific topics as follows:

Bob’s new book, “The Evolution of God” (09:34)

On being a bad secular Buddhist (03:28)

The God Bob believes in (03:17)

Why agnostic Tyler loves the Hebrew Bible (03:26)

How Bob and Tyler came to their personal theologies (06:49)

Quantum physics and king-sized video games as paths to God (07:42)

For me it was a very interesting exchange, but given the topic I cannot predict that everyone will feel the same way.  Other points we touched upon were the beautiful elements in Islam and its notion of religious ecstasy, the appeal of Sufism, why Unitarianism is not more popular, the pagan polytheistic versions of Catholicism, penalty and punishment in Haitian voodoo, the preconditions of tolerance, my views on meta-ethics, what does the concept of God really mean anyway, why dogmatic atheism is so unfortunate, and what is the real metaphysical problem that everyone needs to face up to.  Bob of course just wrote a book on religion but from my end I view this as a personal dialog rather than me communicating verified scholarly information in an educational manner.

You can buy Bob's book, The Evolution of God, here.


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