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Friday assorted links

1. The culture that is Cook Islands quarantine.  They just got back from the Tokyo Olympics.

2. Pierce Brosnan and Colm Toibin are on board with Jack Yeats.

3. 18,000 people in a single building (St. Petersburg, Russia).

4. Otters are moving into Singapore.

5. Haitink dead.  And Yundi Li is in trouble.

6. My University of Kentucky talk on why big tech is underrated.

7. Claims about ports and supply chains.

8. Erik Hoel has predictions for 2050 (oddly he criticizes one of my predictions and then goes on to make a version of the same himself).

Thursday assorted links

1. Why so little eSports in Japan?

2. Are emergency sirens dangerous? (NYT, though it seems they help recruit volunteers in rural areas).

3. Which vehicle prices are up the most and the least?  Can you model this?

4. NYT on the postliberal Right and Orban.  A more serious piece than you might have been expecting.

5. Department of counterproductive responses, philosophers’ edition.

6. A (bad, mood-affiliated) critique of long-termism.

7. No more flow for the flow guy, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Wednesday assorted links

1. “It is said that bosses of the ‘Ndrangheta – godfathers and clan leaders – make their most important decisions in front of a plate of dormice…”

2. “A British bakery has been forced to pull its top-selling cookies from the market, after regulators informed the owner that the sprinkles are illegal. The U.S.-made sprinkles contain a coloring that’s legal for some uses — but not for sprinkling.”  Link here.

3. “We propose that people exhibit an insight bias, such that they undervalue persistence and overvalue insight in the creative process.

4. Vaccines in rural Kentucky.

5. No British newborn boys named “Nigel” in 2020.

6. Davis Kedrosky on the Great Coinage Debate.

Tuesday assorted links

1. Ted Gioia 12 predictions for the future of music.

2. How and what should a ghost maximize?

3. Agarwal and Budish survey chapter on market design.

4. Can robotic textiles improve your breathing?

5. Colombia’s antimachismo hotline (NYT, a good thing to be clear!).  Encapsulates the broader trend.

6. Puerto Rico now the most vaccinated place in the United States.

7. Janos Kornai, RIP.

Sunday assorted links

1. “Nearly 40% of California state workers are unvaccinated against COVID despite Newsom order.”

2. “Part of the Catholic church in Sicily has imposed a three-year prohibition on naming godparents, arguing that the tradition has become merely a way to fortify family ties — and mob ties, too.”  Jonathan Schulz, telephone!  (NYT)

3. Carmen Mola is three men.

4. The immigrant health advantage, for blacks.

5. Carbon tax making a Biden comeback? (NYT)  And profile of Juliette Binoche (NYT).

6. Claims about Chinese hypersonics.

Friday assorted links

1. Are strong interventions overrated?: “I find that the interventions reduce completion rates of the opposite behavior by 19-29%.”

2. Colby College bans caste-based discrimination.

3. The most overstudied places in development economics?

4. My sister wins another bird photography award.

5. Do Americans want smaller government once again?

6. A deeper look at the vaccine-hesitant (Zeynep, NYT).

7. UFOs and the import of Blink 182.

8. Tribute to Ronald Findlay, RIP.

Thursday assorted links

1. Paul Simon and Malcolm Gladwell collaboration.

2. Farhad Manjoo sanity about Instagram (NYT).

3. Is Wang Huning the world’s most important public intellectual?

4. Average guy vs. 100 mph fastballs.  What is the meta-lesson here?

5. The importance of rare gene variants for autism.

6. We are winning the war on oil spills.

7. Freddie on Ross.  I tend to side with Ross, but still a good piece.

8. NYT covers Human Challenge Trials — amazing how lame is the quoted response of the biomedical establishment.

Tuesday assorted links

1. Bye-bye white women Chicago docents.  Solve for the equilibrium.

2. Bitcoin bodice rippers (MIE).

3. The world that was 1970 (Edison Lighthouse, short music video).

4. Sanity about Instagram (NYT).  “Of the better studies [three separate links there] that have found a negative correlation between social media use and adolescent mental health, most have found extremely small effects — so small as to be trivial and dwarfed by other contributors to adolescent mental health. Complicating matters further is that in the Facebook surveys, twice as many respondents reported that Instagram alleviated suicidal thinking than said it worsened it; three times as many said it made them feel less anxious than said it made them feel more so; and nearly five times as many reported that Instagram made them less sad than that it made them sadder.”

5. “We examine how the net worth of billionaires relates to their looks, as rated by 16 people of different gender and ethnicity. Surprisingly, their financial assets are unrelated to their beauty; nor are they related to their educational attainment. As a group, however, billionaires are both more educated and better-looking than average for their age.”  Paper here.

6. Rebecca Blank to be president of Northwestern.