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Monday assorted links

1. More detail on the Venus phosphine discovery.

2. Wes Pegden on herd immunity and transmission rates.

3. Ross Douthat on the Ginsburg seat (NYT).

4. “In short, academic institutions systemically promote exactly the sort of short-term optimization of which, ironically, the private sector is often accused. Is entrepreneurship a trap? No; right now, it’s one of the only ways to avoid being trapped.”  Link here.

5. Rethinking the roots of Chinese civilization we know so little about the ancient world.

6. Expanding the Measurement of Culture with a Sample of Two Billion Humans.

Sunday assorted links

Saturday assorted links

1. New York Film Festival looks strong this year.

2. Tattoo artists in Japan no longer need medical licenses.

3. “The RCMP in Alberta have charged a 20-year-old British Columbia man with speeding while he was asleep at the wheel of a Tesla electric car.

4. Messi vs. Massi: “Footballer Lionel Messi can register his name as a trademark after a nine-year legal battle, the EU’s top court has ruled.”

5. Day one of voting the polity that is Fairfax.

6. The making of a Harvard department chair (somewhat depressing, actually).  “Nearly half of the 40 department chairs in Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences received tenure within Harvard and nearly three-quarters have been teaching at the University for more than 15 years, an analysis by The Crimson found.”

7. The importance of protein folding, with a role for citizen scientists too (New Yorker).

Thursday assorted links

1. Did Covid-19 trigger nostalgic taste in music?

2. The philanthropy of Chuck Feeney who gave it all away (link fixed now).

3. Claims about North Korea and nuclear war.

4. Kanye to the NYT: “He also expressed anguish about abortion, said he didn’t reflexively support Democrats, and asked, “Does anyone at your magazine believe in Jesus?”” (link is NYT as well — they do not report their answer to that question).

5. Airline workers have lower rates of Covid-19 than the general population.

Wednesday assorted links

1. Warsaw Ghetto state capacity.

2. Anger increases susceptibility to misinformation. When I see all you “pro-science” types getting mad at the wrongdoers, mostly I get sad and think you are turning your back on your cause.

3. Speculative thread on seroprevalence.

4. What kind of euro-based arbitrage scheme is this!?  Sorry W.S. Jevons!

5. Antibody treatments seem to be working.

6. I wonder how China thinks they can push my buttons.

Tuesday assorted links

1. UAE announces emergency approval use for vaccine.

2. Doubts about the duration of protective immunity.

3. You people are so embarrassing.  But apparently not embarrassed.

4. John Cochrane on Fintech.

5. The Sturgis Bike Rally paper does seem quite wrong, and perhaps the authors and the NBER should withdraw it?

6. Harold Morowitz and Carl Sagan on life in the clouds of Venus, 1967.

7. “Our model predicts that moderately efficacious masks that reduce transmission risk by 50% will lower exposure viral load 10-fold among people who do get infected, potentially limiting infection severity.”  Link here.

Monday assorted links

1. Gottlieb and McClellan, both former FDA heads, call for accelerated vaccine approval for designated groups, without relaxation of broader standards (WSJ).

2. The perfection premium.

3. A time-lapse map of every nuclear explosion through 1998.

4. “We find no evidence of manipulation of Chinese COVID-19 data using Benford’s Law.

5. “We conclude that the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally generated public health costs of as much as $12.2 billion.

6. Open-air winter schools in New England, in pre-complacency times.

7. Life on Venus?  No one cares about that either…(NYT)  As a kid I was convinced there was life on Venus, and was never persuaded by the impossibility arguments.  So today (while this remains uncertain) I am feeling ever so slightly vindicated in one of my earlier specific beliefs.

Sunday assorted links

1. The culture that is Singapore golf club script theft punishment.

2. Very good thread on some Matt Rognlie results, paper here.  The whole “market power lowering the returns to labor” bit really doesn’t seem to be holding up.

3. The Viewer (recommended videos, affiliated with The Browser).

4. ABBA outfits, and their story as a tax dodge.

5. What’s wrong with social science and how to fix it.

Friday assorted links

Thursday assorted links

1. What do economists know about the Black Death?

2. Topol and Offit on vaccines.  Excellent material, but it is striking how conservative Offit is when it comes to means of responsibly accelerating knowledge about vaccines.  Not a peep about market incentives, for one thing.  WWJBS?

3. More detail on the Taiwanese Covid response, especially from the tech side.

4. “…which includes work on the rhetorical strategies of far-right groups.

5. Super recognisers, recommended.

6. Using AlphaZero (and Kramnik) to invent new forms of chess.