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1. “Belgium was the worst-hit country per capita in Europe. They did systematic testing for #SARSCoV2 in long-term care facilities, just reported…o symptoms were reported in 6,244 *(74.8%)* of 8,343 people who tested positive”  Link here.

2. Scott Sumner on Joseph Conrad.

3. “On a per-capita basis, of the European majors only Germany has done better than the US in death rate”  Link here.

4. The WHO was (and is) wrong about the virus being airborne (NYT).  A remarkable story about an unfathomable error of great import.

5. Georgia Tech professors revolt over reopening.

6. Why the German anti-vaccine movement is robust.

7. Colonizing the sun?

Friday assorted links

1. Profile of Nathan Tankus.  And Clockwork Orange review.

2. The growing influence of Sci-hub.

3. Somerville, Mass. recognizes polyamory (NYT).

4. France bans Dutch bike TV ad for creating ‘climate of fear’ about cars.  “The French advertising code prohibits the exploitation of fear and suffering in commercials.”

5. “…a novel song sung by white-throated sparrows is spreading across Canada at an unprecedented rate. What’s more, the new song appears to be replacing the pre-existing melody, which dates as far back as the 1960s.”  Link here.

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1. Deaths are still falling.  Including in some key states.  Don’t take this for granted (at all), but be accordingly suspicious of those who are not dealing with this fact in some manner.

2. Dick Cavett interviews James Baldwin.

3. China is now starting to use a vaccine on its military.

4. Miami fact of the day (NYT): “One-third of all patients admitted to the city’s main public hospital over the past two weeks after going to the emergency room for car-crash injuries and other urgent problems have tested positive for the coronavirus.”

5. Five-day course of Remdesivir will be priced at $2,340.  One-third more for insurers, cheaper in other countries.

6. Will higher ed just snap back?

7. Claims about virus mutation, and increased infectiousness (speculative, but at the very least an important caution about all the premature moralizing you are seeing.  I at least know I don’t know enough to judge this one, do the other commentators you are reading?).

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