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Wednesday assorted links

1. Vitalik Buterin fellowships in existential safety.

2. I wanted to send this article to someone, yet no one is really an appropriate recipient, so I am putting it here (NYT).

3. Chess problem of attacking Queens is solved.

4. Memorial to a Swedish life.  Very good (and sad).

5. The rise of the biohacker (FT, the framing is excessively negative, but an interesting piece nonetheless).

6. Yes taxes really do matter (Mankiw).

7. New (free Kindle) book: The Essential UCLA School of Economics.

Tuesday assorted links

1. Comprehensive look at why the labor share of income is declining.

2. “Our results indicate that higher education liberalizes moral concerns for most students, but it also departs from the standard liberal profile by promoting moral absolutism rather than relativism. These effects are strongest for individuals majoring in the humanities, arts, or social sciences, and for students pursuing graduate studies.”  Link here.

3. New evidence of continuing vaccine effectiveness.  And the very good sense of Ross Douthat on Covid (NYT).

4. Learning through Substack.

5. Valerio Olgiati, architect (and Kanye West).

6. Balding on submarines and Evergrande.

7. Democrats’ agenda continuing to shrink.

Monday assorted links

1. Deportees.

2. How truthful is GPT-3?

3. “James, what inspired you to put your vaccination record on your T-shirt?”

4. Ezra Klein on the supply side (NYT).

5. “Academic freedom no longer includes freedom to be a generalist.” (NYT)

6. Sexual harassment is reported more selectively during recessions.

7. And sanity about the minimum wage.  The Jeffrey P. Clemens tweet storm is useful as a summary.  Theory and empirics are reunited, and no it ain’t monopsony (as if you didn’t know that already).

Saturday assorted links

1. The reality show about activists has been…cancelled!  In both senses of the word, it seems.

2. Romer on boosters.  And brutal.  Ouch.  Yet Naftali Bennett has it right.

3. On Australian nuclear submarines.  And further analysis.

4. “Mr. Baker is the brains and the propulsive force behind an audacious new proposal to span the East River with a hybrid structure that would be part building, part bridge, and part mass transit conveyance…

5. Property boom on the Northern Irish coast?

6. Ross D. on The Matrix.  Says it is good.

Thursday assorted links

1. “Moreover, we find a marked decay in background parental relatedness co-occurring with or shortly after the advent of sedentary agriculture.

2. Dwarkesh on Emergent Ventures and searching for talent.

3. The first mention of America in European chronicles?

4. New issue of Works in Progress.  Including update on the future of weight loss.

5. Why do no large U.S. cities vote Republican?

6. Experts worried about carbonated water (NYT).

7. The opposite of rational intertemporal substitution: “…as vaccinations roll out and the end of a pandemic feels closer, policies aimed at increasing social distancing will be less effective, and stricter policies might be required.”

Tuesday assorted links

1. Mike Makowsky good career advice for those economists (and others?) coming out of non-elite schools.

2. Bryan Caplan on his home schooling experience.

3. BBC covers EV India winner and his fight against air pollution.

4. Why young Koreans are doing so well in classical music.

5. Art Blakey and Lee Morgan in concert.

6. Guardian Fall books preview.  And Vulture Fall books preview.

Monday assorted links

1. You can now buy a $475 NFT ticket to see Beeple’s $69 million NFT at an IRL party.  The ticket also includes one drink.

2. “We find that young players benefited at the expense of older players and that the disruptive effects of the new [tennis] racquets persisted over two to four generations.

3. In the early stages of pandemics, do they spread more amongst people of higher status?

4. The exclusionary history of the FHA.

5. Excerpts from me on how to read.

6. The Japanese are better at reading Twitter.

7. Tensions between the CDC and Biden administration mount.  Which one do you think is coming closer to trying to maximize expected value?  It turns out even the FDA thinks the CDC is too slow.

Saturday assorted links

1. Rationalist baby names?

2. New Brazilian econ Ph.D student at UC Davis is in fact very famous.

3. Robby Soave on vaccine mandates (NYT).

4. The demand for academic economists is rebounding.

5. Australian vaccination progress could be doing better — incentives matter!

6. Adoption and IQ.  It is still my view, by the way, that very large cultural changes can alter IQs quite a lot, as evidenced by the Flynn Effect.  That is one reason why economic development often is so difficult.

7. Final summary and published version of Robin Hanson,, grabby aliens paper.

Friday assorted links

1. More on risk-based business cycles.

2. “Residents in apartment blocks locked-down by NSW Health are having their alcohol deliveries policed as part of a policy to limit the number of drinks being consumed each day.”  It seems that quite a few of these people want more than six beers a day.

3. Claims of a fusion breakthrough at MIT.   And building Arcadia, a new science funding institution.

4. What do Germans fear the most?

5. How effective is the China crypto trading ban?

6. Wild vs. lab rats.  And Havana Syndrome update?

7. Someone compares me to Thrawn.

Wednesday assorted links

1. More on Loot.  And a good discussion of property rights in characters.

2. Why are inmates so much more vaccinated than jailers?

3. Pending regulatory movements on crypto.  One kind of crazy claim at the end there.  And commentary from Brian Armstrong.

4. Australia’s new mass surveillance mandate.

5. One way to counter excess GPS vulnerability?

6. Only $1.5 trillion for Manchin?

7. Matt Walsh in trouble for opposing the “feminization” of football.