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Friday assorted links

1. David Brooks on America falling apart (NYT).

2. Jonah Goldberg is right.  And Megan McArdle is right.

3. Shawn Bradley’s life is tough.

4. “Likewise, authors from the same PhD program or who previously worked with the reviewer are significantly more likely to receive a positive evaluation. We also find that sharing “signals” of ability, such as publishing in “top five”, attending a high ranked PhD program, or being employed by a similarly ranked economics department significantly influences editor decisions and/or reviewer recommendations.”  Link here.

5. So a virus triggers multiple sclerosis? And more here (NYT).  And, not unrelated, the nature of Long Covid.

6. Links from Chris Blattman, who is blogging again.

7. Good Bridgewater/Dalio piece (FT).

Thursday assorted links

1. In Austin, Caplan and Razib Khan will comment on Hanania.  I am telling them to put it on YouTube.

2. Pushing Zambia to become a start-up hub?

3. Can software identify your chess-playing style?

4. Support for the child tax credit is waning (NYT).

5. Western Arkansas is offering 10k in Bitcoin and bike to relocate there.

6. Why are so many defectors from North Korea to South Korea women?

7. Bruno M. on Apichatpong Weerasethakul.

Tuesday assorted links

1. The economics of taxi tipping.

2. Best Chris Blattman non-fiction reads of last year.

3. Penelope Fitzgerald at age 58.

4. Austin Vernon on why nuclear power is stagnant.

5. In a Gallup survey, Americans seem to be reading fewer books.

6. “Across Congress Members, emotionality is higher for Democrats, for women, for ethnic/religious minorities, for the opposition party, and for members with ideologically extreme roll-call voting records.

Saturday assorted links

1. Engineering milestones for 2022?

2. All of this happened in greater China this week.

3. “…changes in the return to human capital caused by shifts in the supply and demand for educated and skilled labor have played a crucial role in the rise in income inequality since the 1970s – rising corporate concentration and employer market power (monopsony) do not appear to be a key culprit.”  Link here.

4. “Meet the man who runs a moist towelette museum out of a planetarium.

5. Met Opera sings through Omicron (NYT).

6. German trade surplus trending down since 2017.  Are there still people out there who think this is good news?  Remember the bizarre obsession over this issue?  Never reason from a trade surplus!

Friday assorted links

1. Claims about crypto (and black Americans).

2. New publication of essays by the late Jerry Ellig.  Ungated.

3. Alvin Rabushka’s work, on-line and ungated.

4. The Institute for Replication, a new project.

5. “The analyses find that India’s cumulative COVID deaths by September 2021 were 6-7 times higher than reported officially.”  More than three million people.

6. David Brooks on how to defend democracy (NYT).

Thursday assorted links

1. Does Covid make things smell worse? (WSJ)  And should you care?

2. You can pre-order the forthcoming Brad DeLong book.

3. More on Fed trading (NYT).

4. Astrology prediction ethics.

5. “Coronavirus-positive but asymptomatic nurses who have received a vaccine and booster are directed to return to work immediately with no period of isolation, according to Inova guidelines dated Dec. 28.

6. “Federal judges in D.C. have gone below the government recommendation in 49 out of 74 sentencings held for Capitol riot defendants one year after the attack, about two-thirds of the cases.

Wednesday assorted links

1. “A Japanese professor has created a prototype for a TV screen you can lick to taste different flavors…

2. The quest to find the world’s best rice.

3. Will Poland raise its birth rates with this policy?

4. Israeli scientists train goldfish to steer car around room.

5. 2010 interview with Robert Barro.

6. Inside the Silicon Valley attempt to revolutionize science.  Quite a good piece, sees the bigger picture better than any other coverage to date.  (You do have to register to read it.)

7. Was Diana the best-dressed woman of all time?

Tuesday assorted links

1. More Scott Sumner movie reviews.  And here is an essential concordance: “Films of TheMoneyIllusion.

2. What Jane Flowers read last year, great list, different.

3. The Nate Myvis guide to Conversations with Tyler.  And relative media ratings, the top podcast (Rogan) does very well.

4. Matt Notowidigdo’s favorite economics papers on the year.  Good picks.

5. Those who are getting fourth and fifth doses (NYT).  And pandemic baby bust in Mexico.

6. The price of nails since 1695.

7. Learning more about antikythera.

Monday assorted links

1. Devon Zuegel on inflation.  And should Devon try to get Omicron Covid? But her “best” interlocutor — cited in the thread — doesn’t consider that the booster shot will wear off in effectiveness, the costs of not getting Covid, whether Omicron is a “special” variant due to its rapid spread, or how about cross-immunities, or the travel/events benefits of getting Omicron out of the way, and the probabilities of various events (Devon is young and I believe healthy).  Does she really think that, ceteris paribus, natural immunity is a negative?  That was the best answer?

2. Harvard freshman becomes youngest person to serve in Icelandic parliament.

3. Does religious diversity undermine personal morality?

4. “Ultimately, he was far too Right-wing to accept Nazism.

5. Saliva test is best for Omicron detection.

6. Speculative study of Covid worriers.