Wal-mart watch

Imagine that, a new blog devoted solely to news about Wal-Mart, the “best and the worst.”

Did you know that Wal-Mart will be selling DVD players that edit out the offensive content from movies?

A recent Economist article look at how Wal-Mart keeps on growing bigger:

The mathematics of big numbers suggests that Wal-Mart’s growth must slow. Amazingly, the opposite appears to be happening. In America this year, Wal-Mart intends to open some 50 new discount stores and more than 220 new supercentres, some of which will be existing stores moving to new locations. Overseas, it plans another 140 or so new stores, including relocations. This adds up to some 50m square feet of new space–even more than many of its rivals operate in total.

So why shouldn’t it get its own blog? I don’t know whether the topic will sustain a blog in the long run, but I predict we will see more specialty blogs of this kind. (Read this on babyblogs, which are also accused of violating privacy.) As blog readership continues to rise, the division of labor will increase.

Thanks to the Mises blog for the original pointer. By the way, Kevin Brancato puts out a request for co-bloggers.


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