Guest blogging at The Wall Street Journal

For the next week (Monday-Friday), I will be guest-blogging over at, the on-line edition of The Wall Street Journal.  The on-line Journal usually requires a subscription and password, but for this coming week it will be open to everyone.  I will pass along the direct link once it is up and open, but you can find it by going through the Economy section, starting sometime early on Monday.

The blogging will be a set of exchanges with John Irons.  John has a Ph.d. in economics from MIT and writes for the blog, one of the earliest and still most useful economics blogs.  He now works at the Center for American Progress.  I would describe his perspective as further to the left than mine, so you can expect to see some vigorous disagreement, but perhaps a few areas of unity as well.

We will, of course, continue to offer you content on MR as well, plus we will be welcoming a new guest-blogger.


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