Markets in Everything: Rent a Son

RentMySon provides safe and trustworthy child-rental services in multiple
metropolitan areas. Our service area is growing every year and we are on target
to provide services in 50 cities by the end of 2006.

Here is Zach, age 9.

About Me: Zach enjoys playing in the park. He has gone on several
afternoons with single men trying to attract women by looking like the "father
type". He also has fun at birthday parties.

Specializes in: Father-Son Events, Playing in the

And yes, you can also rent a daughter for take your daughter to work days. 

On the day my son was born I taught a law and economics class on the economics of baby-selling.  I’ve always been rather proud of this but I don’t think I’m ready to rent my kids.  On the other hand, I never refuse an offer before hearing the price.

Thanks to J-Walk Blog.

Addendum: Probably a hoax.  Thanks to Stephen Ayer of disinterested party for the investigation.  KipEsquire adds, Tabarrok got punked!


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