Markets in everything — elephants all the way down

Remember the guy who threatened to kill and eat the bunny rabbit, unless he was paid $50,000?  Was it real?  Here is the continuing saga, from a supposed friend:

Make a donation and help me expose Bion [the original perpetrator of the Toby scheme, supposedly]. Once I have received $5,000 in donations, I will publish Bion’s full contact information HERE.

Think about it: Bion’s contact info will be published to the net

  • Everyone will have the chance to openly ridicule Bion
  • We will make Bion rue the day he threatened to kill Toby
  • The internet community will get what it wants
  • The $5,000 will make me feel better about loosing [sic] a best friend

Here is my earlier post on Toby.  Do notice that the equilibrium price is falling.


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