Lunch Matters

At lunch with Bryan and Tyler last week the question arose as to what we would do differently if we were immortal.  After a nerdy discussion to clarify what sort of immorality we were talking about; the kind where you can’t be killed but can be imprisoned or the kind where you are forever young but may be hit by a truck?  (it was the former) –  I answered that I would travel more.

Later the question was asked, what would you do differently if you found out you had only a short time to live.  I answered again that I would travel more.  Click, buzz, whirr…does not compute, does not compute.  Even before Bryan or Tyler could point out the inconsistency I realized there was a problem.  Given that I would travel more if I was to live either less or more the probability that I was at just that level of mortality that I should not be traveling now must be vanishingly small.

I leave for a solo trek to Machu Picchu July 25.  Lunch matters.



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