How to teach driving

Yana has her learner’s permit, so the role of instructor falls upon the blogger in the family.  I have the following three tips, all of which assume you are in a safe area, such as an empty parking lot:

1. Ask the driving student to hit the curb, but just barely.  This is the only way to learn where the curb is.  They are going to find the curb anyway, so let this learning occur under safe circumstances.

2. Make them drive while you are making funny noises, "acting retarded," and screaming "Billy Bob has a crush on Yana."  At some point their friends will hand out the same treatment — make sure they are psychologically prepared.

3. Tell them to put the car in "Park" before it has come to a complete stop.  The same reasoning applies as above.

Why don’t most people teach these lessons (or do you all?)?  You want to feel safe and lower your stress during the lesson, rather than prepping the future driver for real world circumstances.  (So how should we teach prospective central bankers?)  Comments are open, in case you have other tips for how to teach driving…


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