How to save for your retirement

…for most of us, it would probably be easy to save for retirement if we
were willing to live like your parents did–or at least like my parents
did. One television, no stereo, no VCR, no cable, one (used) car, six
rooms for four people, no eating out, no cell phones, no vacations
other than visiting relatives, stretching meat out with egg and bread
and noodle rings, jello as a salad, turn the light off when you leave
the room and get off the phone–it’s long distance!

Jane Galt has more.  Saving is less fun than it used to be, most of all in the United States.  That is one reason why we save less, or save only in fun forms, such as capital gains on our homes.  The better your society at marketing and retail, the harder it is for abstinence to compete.


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