How I stop myself from eating too much dark chocolate

I buy dark chocolate when I should not.  But I buy for the immediate moment.  I have no problem buying less than my impulsive self ideally might desire.  I run out of the stuff quickly, even though when I run out part of me wishes I had bought more (this is similar to "gamma discounting.")

I need only make fewer trips to the store.  Each time I go, I should fill the cart with milk, grapefruit juice, and cereal, so I need not return for a long time.  Fewer store trips mean fewer chances to be weak.  Being myopic in my weakness of will, I won’t much adjust using larger chocolate inventories.

Chocolate below 70 percent is not worth my while.

The best solution to my self-constraint problem is to tell my wife where the chocolate is hidden.

Sadly, I know she does not like the 85 percent.


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