Caught my eye

1. The Selfish Gene, thirty years later, transcript and audio file.

2. Inside Man.  I’ve been burned by Spike Lee movies too many, oh so many times, but this one is excellent.  It is also a study in game theory and the value of meta-rationality.  While we are on the topic, how did I forget Live and Let Die – the only good Roger Moore James Bond film — on my list of notable movies set in Louisiana?

3. Charles Murray on his new book and plan for welfare reform.  An interesting idea, but can you say "time inconsistency" three times in a row fast?

4. James Surowiecki on why newspapers are not doomed.

5. Don’t expect too much from job retraining.

6. Steve Levitt’s Africa fact of the day, and yes it involves both sex and violence.

7. Stanislaw Lem passes away; could his Solaris be the best science fiction novel ever?  Don’t forget the Tarkovsky film version either.


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