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The ever-vigilant Chris Masse points me to how MR looks through Bloglines.  It doesn’t seem to give the reader access to comments.  Nor can the reader access posts which "lie beneath the fold."  If you know why this is, please tell us in the comments.  In the meantime, we alert you to the regular existence of comments, and posts beneath the fold, and encourage you to visit our real page or use another blog reader.


The feed for MR that Bloglines uses is:
That's the XML file that Bloglines downloads periodically and then parses to get the post content. But that file doesn't contain links to the comments, so that's why the Bloglines view lacks them.

It looks like your feed is generated by TypePad. I'm not familiar with that, but I suspect there is some way to customize the content of your feed, and so that's probably what you'll have to change somehow.

So I don't know why using another blog reader would help here. If they download the same index.rdf file, then they aren't going to get the Comments link either...

Bloglines users such as myself are mostly aware of the limitations. I use bloglines to prescreen entries and when I do find something interesting I click and visit the real page and comment... like I just did.

Other bloggers have found ways of having a comments link show on the Bloglines header. So it is possible. As for changing to another feeder, forget it! I tried several before settling on Bloglines. It is by far the best. Sorry, but you have been "intermediated"!

For the love of all that is good and useful in ths world, man, do not muck with the current MR feed. It is optimal in all ways and all things for how some of us read blogs.

That it doesn't show what lies beneath the fold is a feature, not a bug. When you tell us that Tyrone is about to take on a new subject, I want a little suspense. A few seconds pondering what Tyrone would say is not unlike a few seconds before the teacher calls on someone to answer a question. Coming up with a guess is good practice. If you rolled the fold into the feed, it would give blog visitors a different experience than front-page visitors. That's a no-no.

No comments by default is also a good thing. Sometimes you feel like a nut; sometimes you don't. Again, they're only a click away, and it's good to leave that decision in the reader's hands. Even worse are blogs that update their main site feed every time there's a new comment. That's painful -- you see the same entry again, and again, and again, and again . . .

If you want to add a second (or second and third, etc.) feed, by all means go ahead. But please don't mess with the main feed. It's not broken.

I disagree with this below-the-fold experience that you all think is so needed. Often it's just a way to keep a long or technical post from taking up too much real estate on the webpage. That's reasonable. But this isn't a problem with news reading software since every item is seperate. It'd be nice if your feed included everything below the fold.

Kcure is right. However, for some blogs, when comments are opened, there's the mention "Comments" (underlinked) at the bottom of the blog post, and so it tells Bloglines readers that there's more (on the blog website).


TC: "It doesn't seem to give the reader access to comments. Nor can the reader access posts which "lie beneath the fold."

Well, ain't it good? If Bloglines does everything, nobody shall visit your "real page".

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