Pound discrimination

A hotel in Germany has started charging its guests by the pound for an overnight stay, according to a Local 6 News report.

The hotel owner in the town of Norden, Juergen Heckrodt, said he was continually getting overweight guests, so he decided to make them step on the scales to determine room costs.

The hotel requires guests to pay half a euro or 61 cents per 2.2 pounds, according to a Reuters report.The report said that the move appears to be working with returning guests. "Much to (Heckrodt’s) surprise, the guests were thinner on their next visit," according to the report.  Heckrodt said he hopes his initiative will inspire others to lose weight too and live longer.  The hotel does not turn anyone away who refuses to step on the scales.  If they do refuse, they are charged a regular room rate — without a discount.

Here is the link, and thanks to Bill Griffiths for the pointer.  This makes sense as price discrimination if either heavier people are wealthier, or less able to choose across hotels.


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