Caught my eye

1. This guy makes me look like a piker.  Imagine an obsessive quest to rate and blog every taco stand in Los Angeles.  Thanks to for the pointer.

2. Barry Eichegreen surveys views of the U.S. trade deficit.  Full of substance, recommended.

3. Renowned Szechuan chef Peter Chang has just moved China Gourmet restaurant in Fairfax, Lee Highway.  Ask for the Chinese menu and don’t forget the Dan Dan noodles.

4. More on welfare economics: "wanting" is not always "liking."

5. Here is a new argument that there is no real estate bubble.  In fact it is argued some homes may be underpriced.  The key is to compare housing prices to rents on comparable homes, not rents on apartments.  But can’t a bubble in the asset market distort prices in the rental market?

6. Entomologist John Losey estimates "the economic value of insects," but hey good insects eating bad insects ought to net to zero, no?  A bit of marginalism would not go amiss either.


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