The addict speaks (Ec 10 is over)

Lately, I have been spending some of my time writing this blog, which
started as a by-product of teaching ec 10, the principles class at
Harvard. I am still trying to figure out if this is a good use of my
time or not. On the one hand, this feels like providing a public good.
(Perhaps at a low cost: some of the time I spend on it has come from
watching reruns of Law and Order.) On the other hand, at times writing
this blog feels like being hooked on crack.

The real question is whether the addict realized this before his readers realized it about him.  By the way, here are the addict’s tips on time management.  (I disagree on travel, which I consider to be the best way of learning things.)  Here is the addict linking to advice on getting through graduate school.

Has the addict figured out the biggest benefit of blogging, or is he just being coy?

We welcome the addict to a more lasting presence in the blogosphere.

Addendum: He also points our attention to economics videos.


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