1. The external benefits created by The Beatles.

2. The growing movement for pre-pandemic vaccination.

3. Why media consolidation is not a big problem.

4. Did Vladimir Horowitz play a piano on steroids?

5. Here is more Daniel Gilbert: how to understand the motives of other people.


Oh wow, go read the comments section on Ygelsias's blog about media consolidation. The amount of faith that those people put in democracy is breath taking. There is such ironic humor in a democratic socialist criticizing someone for having faith in a god.

It is a gift to the mankind to have Horowitz play a "doctored" Steinway, or to have Vermeer paint with a camera obscura. I don’t watch much baseball but suspect it more exciting to watch a star athlete play on steroids or hit with a corked bat as long as he is not playing against my team.

The comments about trial lawyers at futurepundit are perhaps interesting but I wouldn't call them 'realistic'.

Given that this flu may kill due to immune system overreaction, I am not so sure that a vaccine is even the right aproach. I'd want an opinion from someone with a deep understanding of the human immune system's function as to whether a cytokine storm was more or less likely in an immunized person before considering such vaccination.

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