Markets in everything

Drivers in three US cities will soon be able to earn a buck or two just
for vacating a parking space. SpotScout is a website that matches
people about to leave a parking spot with those looking for one. Using
a cellphone, drivers tell SpotScout when they will leave their parking
spot, where it is, and how much they will sell this information for.
The site, to be launched next month in New York, Boston and San
Francisco, matches this information with people looking for a space.

Here is the link; the pointer is from Daniel Akst.  If you don’t already know it, here is Dan’s article on how to best help other people.


SpotScout also seems to be making a market in actual parking places, as opposed to information on likely street openings. As in allowing one to sublet a private slot or driveway as a timeshare -- though I wonder about the legal implications about this. Would all the regulations affecting commercial parking operators equally apply?

Is it possible to short SpotScout?

As an university economist I have been interested in
the application of the "congestion pricing" literature
to the typical university parking problem. While
unique in some ways, it is a variant of a peakload
pricing problem. This post gives me an idea for a
student project.

This is interesting.I guess the number of cars is too big and there are to few parking spaces for the large number of cars.I am from London and parking in central london is difficult.I guess a program like this may exist in London too but I never heard of it.

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