Strange questions I ask Bryan Caplan

Assuming you start from a multi-dimensional global utility maximum, which Lancastrian characteristics — with non-trivial shadow prices — would you like more of in a corresponding unconstrained equilibrium?

Forget about money or time, which obviously we all want more of.  Which unbundlings do you desire? 

I, for one, would like to have more of Bryan.  But he is bundled with Fairfax.  I travel a great deal and he usually stays put.  I can’t get much more of him in my first best outcome.  But if he were suddenly eating kabobs with me in Hyderabad, if only for an hour, how fun that would be.  More generally, I would like to have a less wide circle of friends but my Wanderlust interferes.

I would like taste to be unbundled from calories.  I would like books to be smaller, lighter, and easier to carry, if that were a free lunch so to speak.  I would like fantasy novels to be bound by stricter rules.

What would you like to see unbundled?


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