Does Lufthansa have customer service?

Lufthansa, HELP!

Poor Yana [Chernyak] is stuck in Nice, France without her luggage, which was "misplaced" somewhere in transit, apparently in Munich.  No one in Lufthansa, Europe will take calls or help her.  Lufthansa, USA passes the buck to the European offices.

The phone number given for Lufthansa, Nice — 0 826 103 334 — does not work from outside the country of France. 

Lufthansa, HELP, HELP, HELP!  Es gibt die deutsche Wertarbeit, nicht wahr?  Ist die Wirtschaftswunder schon so schnell vorbei?  Lufthansa, can you please help?  Does anyone from Lufthansa read this blog?

Zu Hilfe!  Arme Yana…


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