Answering Jane Galt’s questions

1)  Why do you read blogs?

Blogs present compelling personalities, bundled with a bit of learning, plus of course links to use for this blog.  A new way of ordering the mental universe is going to be interesting, especially if it attracts smart people.

2)  Why do you read economics blogs, specifically?

You can be sure that (many) economists will think conceptually and keep the blah blah blah to a minimum.  Remember how Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring gets so quickly to the heart of things?  That should be a model for us all.

3)  What are your favourite economics blogs?

See our blogroll for a non-exclusive start, but given #1, I don’t find the "economics" category to be a primary one.  Greg Mankiw and Matt Yglesias have more in common than either does with David Altig’s Macroblog.

4)  Even more specifically, why do you read this blog?

See #1, plus the writing is especially good.  And meeting the blogger makes just about any blog much more interesting.

5)  What are your favourite blog features?

I like the connection and the creation of "story" generated by the regularity of posts and their temporal progression.

6)  What aspects of blogging annoy/repel you?

MR has great commentators but overall I don’t like the comments at most blogs.

7)  What would you like to see more of on economics blogs in general, and specifically on this one?

From you, more regular posts, even if you lower the average quality of post.  It is not just a frequency thing, it gets at the very heart of the medium.

8)  Are there things that aren’t currently found on economics blogs that you would like to see?

More discussion of actual economic research, especially the stuff that matters, although this can be time-consuming for the blogger.

9)  If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be?  This is our demographic control question

A green pepper.

Here is her initial post, with of course many comments.  Go add some more.


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