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Here is the blog, here is the premise:

From August 28, 2006 through August 27, 2007, I’m going
to buy (at least) one…superfluous item, use it, and then write
about it.  What made me want to buy it?  How did it feel to give someone
money, and take a product in exchange?  What will the workers think of
me?  If it’s food, what will it taste like?  If it’s a product, what will
happen when I use it for the first time?  What kind of feeling will I
get when I plug it in, charge it up, and turn it on?  [Judith] Levine calls her
experience "voluntary simplicity."  I’ll call mine "conscious

…Since today is the first day of my year of superfluous shopping, I
decided to kick off the experiment by purchasing the book that inspired
me: Judith Levine’s Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping
It’s hard to think of something less necessary than a book about why
it’s good to stop shopping.  For that reason, and because I felt I
should be familiar with and understand Levine’s work if I’m going to
fully understand my own, I made this book the first purchase of the

The public library is my version of this idea, the price is free, and the blog is called 


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