Disturbing articles in Austrian newspapers

The article is from Der Standard, one of the leading and most "mainstream" newspapers in the country.  It continues:

In light of the Lebanon Wars, many contemporaries stand before the question how one criticizes Israel in a "politically correct" manner.  Is that possible?  Naturally — if you observe just a few rules.

1. Look inside yourself and consider who you are.  If you are a Jew and live in Israel, then skepticism toward your own war machine is your first duty as a citizen.  If you are the grandchild of a Wehrmacht officer, the matter is somewhat different.

How about this?

Jews have no special duty to be moral, but rather an elevated need for security.  Auschwitz was not a school for good human behavior!

…Above all you should not compare Israelis with the Nazis and the designation of the Palestinians as "the new Jews" should be avoided.  This is not only tasteless, it is also factually completely false.

Criticism should be directed at making a "happy Israel" and most of all the criticism should not deny Israel’s "special status."

So what does the politically incorrect approach look like? 

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