Tullock Insults

Call me a masochist but one of the great pleasures of being at George Mason is that I am regularly insulted by Gordon Tullock.  You have to understand, however, that in my profession not to have been insulted by Gordon is to be a nobody.   

In anycase, here is one from yesterday.

"Gordon," I asked, "do you think we should ban child labor?"  "No, keep working."

The other day Gordon asked me to read one of his papers and I pointed out a few typos.  "Excellent," he said, "this will surely be your greatest contribution to economics."

Gordon is prone to pressing people with difficult questions.  One of my colleagues responded, "Gordon, I’m not that good at thinking on my feet."  Without missing a beat Gordon pulled up a chair and said "well sit down and we’ll see how you do then."

Comments are open if you would like to memorialize your own Gordon insults.


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