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Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s less-than-stealth positioning to join the
2008 presidential race took another baby step forward today, when two noted
economists – former chairmen of the Council of Economic Advisors Glenn Hubbard
and Greg Mankiw – signed on to lead his PAC’s Economic Advisory Council. Another
former Bush official, Cesar
, also signed on.

Thanks to Carrie Conko for the pointer.


Republicans. Where failing upward can get you all the way to the Presidency.
Mankiw should concentrate on econ 101 textbooks and not inflict any more damage on us than he already has.

Why does the word Republican, by itself, send some people into fits of rage?

Give Mitt Romney a chance. He was a successful businessman who took a big state deficit to a big state surplus. Also, Romney created the only Universal Health Program currently existing in the nation, although only the poor's insurance is funded by the government.

Hehe, younghov,

I assume that comment was sarcastic...

Romney ran for governor of Mass on a campaign of using his business management expertise to improve the provision of state government services.

I can not think of a single example where he actually tried to do this.

New-Keynesian M----o-neymankiw?

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