Markets in everything, shoe laces and masochism edition

One of the biggest annoyances in long-distance running is lace
management. After banging out 50 miles, it can be hard to squat or even
bend over long enough to tie your shoes.  The North Face recently
responded to Karnazes’ complaints and came out with the $130 M Endurus
XCR Boa.  Its laceless upper is enmeshed in thin steel cables that
connect to a tension dial at the back. A simple turn cinches the shoe
onto the foot.  No more slowing down to fiddle with laces.

Here is the full story of an obsessed runner.  Get this bit:

Finding four hours for a 30-mile run during the day was next to impossible. The solution: sleep less…He now gets about four hours of shut-eye a night.

By the way…

…in 1995 Karnazes entered a 199-mile relay race – by himself.  He competed against eight teams of 12 and finished eighth.


Good story, thanks. ;-)

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I've read a number of articles on this guy over the last year or so.

One, he has a really good publicist, the only face I see more of at Borders is Rachael Ray (and she looks much better, and probalby doesn't run a lick).

Two, this guy has some issues that probably need to be dealt with at a professional level.

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