Assorted links

1. Ariel Rubinstein complains about behavioral economics.

2. Mario Rizzo’s new home page: "I believe that philosophy is a more important sister discipline to economics than mathematics."

3. Many surveys are biased because we prefer to mark questionnaires on their left side.

4. "The word "time" is the most common noun in the English language, according to the latest Oxford dictionary"; here are 99 other facts.

5. New WSJ blog on the wealthy, via Greg Mankiw.

6. Who you can meet using a blog

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I think you sent me the majority of them. Thanks, 'cause it made for a great year. Have a great 2007, y'all.

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"I believe that discipline is a more important sister to economics than philosophy."

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In regards to the BBC link, here's a (mildly) scathing debunking of many of the facts from my favourite Linguistics blog:

Many of these so called "facts" have been tracked and covered by Language Log writers (all professional linguistics, highly distinguished researchers, professors, etc.) for a long time, and carefully and meticulously exposed as fake/invented/exaggerated. Frankly, the amount of sheer invented numbers and facts, particularly in regards to linguistic fact just boggles my mind (it's expected that a journalist roughly knows what "inflation" is, not the same for "lexeme").

I think that this warrants close scrutiny, especially when appearing in an otherwise respectable outlet such as the BBC.

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