Richard Musgrave passes away at 96

Here is a NYT obituary.  Musgrave was one of the fathers of modern public finance and a highly intelligent political economist of the old school.  Here is a David Warsh profile.  Here is Wikipedia.  Here is The Boston Globe.  Here are extensive videos of Musgave and Jim Buchanan debating the proper role of government.


Prof.Musgrave- the genious not honoured by the Nobel committee;the personality who developed Public Finance in to a lively modern subject.
While we were students, Prof.Musgrave's and Peggy Musgrave's book was our bible in Public Finance.Even now that is the standard reference book and thousands of students depend on that great book.Prof.Musgrave- the great academician who developed the Truncated Keynesian Model, Intergenerational Equity Theory,The Concept of Differential Incidence and many many topics that we as students studied and continues to be studied by generations of students.

Had he gotten the Nobel, he could have lived to years longer (says the Economist in this week's issue)!

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