Muslims in Europe

Philip Jenkins notes:

…while they’re going to grow, by American standards
Muslim minorities in Europe are not going to be that huge. The other
big issue is that when people talk about Muslim minorities, they
automatically assume that everyone of Muslim background is going to
continue to be a dyed-in-the-wool, hardcore Muslim in Europe.

a lot of evidence that they’re not. If you look at Algerian people in
France, they have a strong sense of ethnic identity, but there’s quite
a low level of religious observance. They look like Episcopalians more
than anything. Now obviously, there’s a small and potentially very
dangerous hardcore of quite extreme Islamists, and you’d have to be a
fool to ignore that. But the majority of people are very happy to
assimilate to some kind of French or Dutch or German identity.

He also says this:

The Middle East in the last 15 years is going through the
great demographic transition and that is one of the great facts in
world politics. What it should mean is that in about 15 years these
countries should be vastly more stable. The next 15 years could be a
very rocky ride, but the long-term trend is to underpopulation

Thanks to Jeremy Lott for the pointer.


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