The demand for Trudie

Trudie told me:

Two problems are operating in tandem.  First, some people are never happy with anything.  Second, not all choices are convex (read: you can’t have .73 of a kid, or with ease marry 0.4(Tom) + 0.6 (Tony).  In this case the predominance of the first problem renders the second irrelevant.  "Do you want to hate just any man, or do you want to hate the man of your dreams?"  Given the costs of rent exhaustion, you might as well hate any man.

The normative upshot is not to marry, if only to maximize social welfare on the male side.  She hasn’t found any man "good enough" for her yet, which is a bad sign.  It would be more encouraging if she had written: "I once met Mr. Right — just the proper blend — but sadly he was married.  How can I find another just like him?"

The new problem is to precommit to not marrying.  That’s a tough one.  Investing in higher education no longer does the trick.  How about having an ugly kid?  Here is another strategy, but Tyler can ask his readers for better ideas.

Tyler is not so extreme and as you might expect he is just a wee bit more humane.  He recommends playing an imagined strategy of 0.4(low class guy) + 0.6(high class guy), but taking your time with the actual choice, so you can bask in the expectation of having it all…


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