Is it irrational to favor Fred Thompson because you like his character on TV?

Of course I’m not talking about myself here, Tyler is candidate-neutral.  I’m talking about other people.  Can they just say "I like his character on TV, I think I’ll vote for him"?

Surely there exists some game in which this strategy makes sense (I always chuckle when I write this line).  Let’s say many other people vote the same way and thus expect this same character from him.  Isn’t he then locked into playing this character to some extent?  Of course this means you should favor only truly popular and typecast actors, since an obscure actor, or any actor with many different roles, won’t be much locked in. 

And if he can play the character on TV, maybe he can play the character in the Oval Office as well.  The actual content of policy would still be driven by his ability to pick and heed good advisors, which presumably is not negatively correlated with acting ability or with the nature of this single character.  In fact maybe his agent told him to take the role and he listened.

Ankush has negative remarks on Thompson.


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