One meal at Per Se

Many people consider Per Se the best restaurant in Manhattan, here are some trade-offs:

The single most caloric menu item was the foie gras, weighing in at
435.4 calories; followed by café Liégeois (basically a gourmet brownie
with ice cream), with 185.8 calories.  The single least caloric was the
buttermilk sorbet, owing in part to its spoon-size portion (23
calories).  All told, the nine courses tallied 1,230.8 calories, 59.7
grams of fat, and 101.7 grams of carbs.  The total rises to 2,416.2
calories, 107.8 grams of fat, and 203.7 grams of carbs if you include
the extras: a salmon amuse-bouche, wine, dinner rolls with
butter, and chocolate candies.  These might not seem like giant numbers,
but that one lunch has 60 percent more fat than the average adult, on a
2,000-calorie regimen, should eat in a day, according to the FDA.  To
work off that meal, a 155-pound person would have to walk the route of
the New York City Marathon, plus an additional five miles.  Or he could
swim round-trip from Battery Park to the Statue of Liberty nearly three
times, or do basic yoga for 13 hours and 42 minutes.  It’s also roughly
equal in calories to six slices of DiFara‘s cheese pizza, ten Gray’s Papaya‘s hot dogs, or, it seems appropriate to note, four and a half Big Macs.

If we can assume linearity, this $250 meal (plus wine and tax and tip) costs you about $9 worth of health.  In other words, don’t worry about it.  Here is more, via Jason Kottke.


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