Econ Journal Watch

In the issue:

would Adam Smith publish today?  Daniel Sutter and Rex Pjesky show that
almost no math-free research appears in top economics journals.

of what?  Dan Klein and Pedro Romero articulate the difference between
model-building and theorizing, and contend that most articles in
Journal of Economic Theory do not qualify as theory.

Internet and economic discourse: Dan D’Amico and Dan Klein examine the
websites of Harvard and George Mason economists, and ask whether the
differences speak of differences in character type.

Henrik Lindberg tells of the role of economists in liberalizing Swedish agriculture.

Acemoglu says the economic analysis of constitutions and political
structure has been revolutionized by Torsten Persson and Guido
Tabellini.  But Charles Blankart and Gerrit Koester argue that the new
political economics is not that new, and might be a step backwards.

quality is all the rage.  So why doesn’t research in the top economics
journals make better use of the Economic Freedom of the World index?
John Dawson reports.

Development economics has discovered
important truths about trade, aid, property, and planning.  Ian Vasquez
recounts how the truths were advanced in the work of Peter Bauer, and
how the late-comers often neglect that learning.


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