Will Facebook take over the world?

…a few weeks ago, Facebook pulled a MySpace-like maneuver.  The site tore down its walls and opened its pages to outside developers.  A new tool kit called Facebook Platform
allows any programmer–a bored student or a multimillion-dollar
corporation–to peel back the site’s breastplate, poke around, and
rearrange the innards.  None of the nearly 900 (and counting) programs
released so far are particularly life-changing–among the most popular
add-ons are a "Graffiti" program (downloaded by more than 3.3 million
people as of this writing) that lets you doodle other people’s profiles
and an "Honesty Box" that lets your friends say, anonymously, what they
really think of you [TC: uh-oh].  Collectively, though, these programs are hugely
significant.  If the site figures out a smart way to deploy these mini
applications, it will be more than just a social network.  Facebook will
turn into a do-everything site with the potential to devour the whole

Here is the article.  I’ve now filled out my profile, and even put a picture on it, with Yana’s aid of course.  Since I don’t have the slightest idea what to do with it (will I ever?), I suppose I am not qualified to comment on this interesting hypothesis.  By the way there is also a Facebook group for MarginalRevolution, not set up by me I might add.


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