Markets in everything, telekinesis edition

If you’ve ever wanted to remotely access the files on your mac’s hard
drive through the Safari application on your iPhone (and who hasn’t?)
then you’ll want to download Telekinesis from the genius mind behind Quicksilver.

Here is more.  I haven’t tried the download but from appearances it even seems to be one of those free markets with a dollar price of zero…


'if you ever wanted...'and who hasn't?' Plenty of people haven't - give it some time, iphone has been out barely a week now!

LIBOR OIS & TED spreads ended the week down 21% and 27%CP Yields on 90day paper increased to 4.9% on Firday, posting a 14% decrease for the week

5 year spreads on A-rated corporate bond increasing 4.9% and B-rated bonds increased 3.7% for the week.

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