I am not laughing any more

In late August, Maryland’s Joppatowne High School became the first
school in the country dedicated to churning out would-be Jack Bauers.
The 75 students in the Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
magnet program will study cybersecurity and geospatial intelligence,
respond to mock terror attacks, and receive limited security clearances
at the nearby Army chemical warfare lab.

The new school is funded and guided by a slew of federal, state, and
local agencies, not to mention several defense firms. Officials say it
will teach kids to understand the "new reality," though they hasten to
add that the school isn’t focused just on terrorism. School
administrators, channeling Cheneyesque secrecy, refused to be
interviewed for this story. But it’s no secret that the program is seen
as a model for the rest of the country, with the Pentagon and other
agencies watching closely.

More here.  And do remember that vouchers are a bad ideas because we need public education to teach civic values.


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