Berry College

How would we plan our trips without Wikipedia?

The Berry campus, easily the largest land mass campus in the world,
consists of fields, forests, and Lavender Mountain, designated portions
of which are open to the public for hiking, cycling, horse back riding,
and other outdoor activities. Present throughout the campus is a large
population of deer, which are estimated to outnumber students seven to
one. Fishing on some of the campus’ lakes and streams is permitted with
proper permits. Berry also has a wealth of wild turkeys, seasonal ducks
and geese, skunks, and squirrels.


Berry is a college rich in heritage and campus customs are deeply
rooted. The most universal custom is that of greeting everyone on
campus with a smile, a wave, and a cheery “hello.” Freshmen usually
become familiar with this custom on their first day and realize that
much of the beauty of Berry is in this spirit of friendship which one
meets everywhere.


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