Kiss me, I’m vaccinated

I just had my flu shot.  Please send your checks to my George Mason address.

People who have the flu spread the virus so getting a flu shot not only reduces the probability that I will get the flu it reduces the probability that you will get the flu.  In the language of economics the flu shot creates an external benefit, a benefit to other people not captured by the person who paid the costs of getting the shot.  The external benefits of a flu shot can be quite large.  Under some conditions each person who is vaccinated reduces the expected number of other people who get the flu by 1.5.

Since a large fraction of the benefits of the flu shot, perhaps even a majority of the benefits, go to other people and not to the person paying the costs, the number of people who get a flu shot in the United States is well below the efficient level.  I only got the shot because, as you well know, I’m altruistic.  I care about you.  But do send your checks, that will help.

In lieu of a check I’m thinking of having some buttons made up to encourage people to get their shot.  Here are some possible slogans:

  • Kiss me, I’m vaccinated.
  • Take one for the herd!
  • Get a flu shot.  The life you save may not be your own.

Madison Avenue here I come!

Of course, we know from the Coase Theorem that there is an alternative approach.  We could charge people who do not get their flu shots. (Thus, if you haven’t had a shot you must still must send me a check.)  Or to reduce transaction costs we could fine people who get the flu.  I kind of like that last one.  (But what to do about the 36,000 a year who die from the flu – charge their estates?)

What do you think?  Leave your suggestions/slogans for how to encourage getting a flu shot in the comments.


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