Which are the most obese American cities?

Memphis wins the competition, but:

Had we included every area on the list, the smaller cities of
Huntington, W.V., and Ashland, Ohio, on the West Virginia, Kentucky and
Ohio state borders would have far outpaced every city on the list with
obesity rates of 45%. Of the 50 cities we did rank, Boston entered
last, with only 19%.

Here is the full story.  Residents of San Antonio are the most likely to patronize fast food restaurants, with an average (or is it median?) of 20 fast food days a month.  I’ll note that Latino fast food is better than average and it involves a smaller health penalty, relative to the non-fast food.  Here are photos of the most obese American cities, though oddly they show the buildings far more than the people.  Would an article about tall or wide buildings show only the people?  Could they not find heavy people?  Or do they think we simply don’t want to look at them?


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