Singapore fact of the day

Using the latest data available, the United Nations Department of
Economic and Social Affairs puts Singapore’s foreign-born population in
2006 at 42.6 percent.

That’s by Kerry Howley of Reason, here is the full article, which argues that Singapore’s guest worker program is working.  But such high levels of immigration work through:

Singapore’s willingness to accommodate conservatives through policies
of segregation that Americans would probably find odious…[Singapore has] a
system that invites immigration while emphasizing legality and
distance.  A comfort with hierarchy expresses itself as a comfort with
inequality, and countries that can tolerate inequality can allow huge
influxes of poor people.

The same could be said for many of the Gulf States; few members of the Dubai ruling class are saying to themselves: "We wanted workers but we got human beings in return."  Loyal MR readers will know that I am generally pro-immigration, but this article is a good place to start for thinking through possible conflicts between immigration and liberalism. 


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