The good news is…

In 2005, the two state airlines – Mexicana and Aeroméxico – were hived off for privatisation and permits were granted for five new low-cost carriers. The following year, the number of air passengers grew by almost 12 per cent, more than in all the previous five years combined.  Flights from Mexico City to Cancún now can be had for less than $100. Previously it had been cheaper to fly to Cancún from New York.

The bad news is

…huge swathes of the economy – beer, oil, soft drinks, cement, television, electricity and telephony to name a few – are still dominated by one or at most two big companies.

Legally protected companies for the most part, I might add.  If you are listing the major problems of Mexico, we have:

1. Drug trade and corruption and crime, all rolled into one big package.

2. Bad educational system for most of the country, and bad cultural norms for education.  Most people are literate but you don’t see many people reading.

3. State-sponsored monopolies.

Going back to the bright side, the numbers of the Mexican middle class continue to grow, grow, and grow.  The shopping malls in Puebla and Veracruz are excellent, and they are not just for a fair-skinned minority elite.  They are packed with middle class people, shopping, and turning Mexico into a middle class country.  It really is happening, and I see it more and more each time I visit.


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