The Cowles Foundation Monographs in Economics

You’ll find them here, free and on-line, courtesy of Division of Labor and Michael Greinecker.  The most famous is Kenneth Arrow’s Social Choice and Individual Values but there are many classics in the series; in fact the hit rate is remarkably high even if they are not all recommended for the general reader.  Here is Wikipedia on the Cowles Commission, and by the way it is pronounced "coals."  Here is much more background, including links to photos.  Here is the current home page of an institution which is no longer distinctive precisely because it triumphed.  How is this for a casual sentence:

Several Cowles associates have won Nobel prizes for research done while at the Cowles
Commission. These include Tjalling Koopmans,
Kenneth Arrow, Gerard Debreu,
James Tobin, Franco Modigliani, Herbert Simon,
Lawrence Klein, Trygve Haavelmo and Harry Markowitz.


I'm curious to know what you think of these authors, beyond the fact that they achieved mainstream success, given that the Economics that came out of the Cowles Comission is more or less the exact opposite of the Economics coming out of GMU.

That's so funny! I had just stumbled upon some of those monographs recently; in particular NRA Economic Planning (which I also own) and Price Control and Business. I like Roos. They are great resources, having it all online, I didn't know there were so many (I hadn't found the index page).

And the more cheap kamas of all kinds of game gold is very good.

Is it realistic?

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