Markets in everything: lives for sale

He says he’s not the first person to put his life on the

Australian philosophy student Nicael Holt, 24, offered his
life to the highest bidder last year to protest mass

American John Freyer started All My Life For Sale
( in 2001 and sold everything he owned
on eBay, later visiting the people who bought his things.

Adam Burtle, a 20-year-old U.S. university student, offered
his soul for sale on eBay in 2001, with bidding hitting $400
before eBay called it off. Burtle admitted he was a bored geek.

Here is the story.  The current seller is Ian Usher, a lovelorn Australian:

From Sunday, June 22 for one week, Usher’s life is up for
sale on eBay with the package including his $420,000
(US$397,000) three-bedroom house in Perth, Western Australia, a
trial for his job at a rug store, his car, motorbike, clothes
and even friends.

Here is a previous MR post on an Australian life for sale.


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