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Re XII  ‘there is a groupie for every male endeavour’

THIS IS SO MONEY. It is one of the great triumphs of modern
capitalism: let a thousand status hierarchies bloom! Unlike in hunter
gatherer days, there isn’t one status hierarchy to climb and that’s
that, there are endless hierarchies to climb, endless things to
specialise in. Roissy’s good buddy, the economist Tyler Cowen, has been
pushing this idea for a while now, and the effect this has on human
happiness and potential is mind-boggling. Guys can rise to the top of
whatever work/hobby hierarchies there are, or at least portray to women
that yes, he is in THE PROCESS of climbing to the top. There are
obvious caveats: females aren’t impressed by computer game related
status, even
though leading 30 guys from around the globe in World of Warcraft to
quickly and efficiently take down an enemy is actually an impressive
– I think this will change in the future. But for
now, I’ll bet the college ultimate frisbee champ gets some pretty good

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