Three more links from Atacama

1. Profile of Art DeVany, via Michael Blowhard.

2. Another excellent David Brooks column: "The System is Winning."

3. Are dreams more negatively biased than reality?


Brooks' contention is that following the conventional campaign path is working for McCain. Interesting to wonder if that's true, or if it's more the case that the system is losing for Barack Obama as he's begun to follow the conventional wisdom of tacking to the center and doing the things "you're supposed to do" as a Democratic candidate. I need to look at it more closely, but I'd be willing to bet it's more that the pressure towards conventional paths is more of a losing strategy for Obama than it is a winner for McCain.

Also, "Another excellent David Brooks column"? Is that meant as a joke?

All people, not just political candidates, should be willing to make sacrifices in order to be in a position to serve their country. And what could be nobler than to sacrifice those things you hold dearest, namely your principles?

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